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PCB Layout

Excellent PCB design service can be provided based on your idea of new product, we can finish them from the concept to the whole prototype PCB, bring your products to the market in the shortest time with high quality and the most cost-effective solution.

We are proud of ourselves in providing the customers the best service in schematic capture and PCB layout, even the SI, PI, EMC analysis if you need to reduce the risk on PCB fabrication and cost on the research, development at the beginning. Other than that, reverse engineering can be provided for you, when you have one sample to need the files for production or modification.

With 10 engineering and more than 6 years experience in this field, you can get the best service , no matter you are a small firm or private starter.

Design cost will be charged according to how complicate your project on the schematic design, and layout will be charged based on the total parts pins on board. Free charge for the minor modification, if need,PCB fabrication, components sourcing and assembly can be offered.


 Software: Allegro, PADS, Protel-DXP, Orcad,AD
  Maximum layer: 40 layers 
  Max Pins: 60,000
  Minimum Line Width/Spacing: 3mil 
  Minimum BGA Pitch:0.4mm
  Minimum Via: 6mil (Laser Drilling 4mil)
  Maxminum BGA/boards: 42/BGA Pins:2400
  High speed differential pairs: 10Gbps runs up to 30 inches
  Highest CPU core frequency: 3.6Ghz
  DSP highest core frequency: 1.2GHZ
  DDR/DDR2/DDR3/QDR/SRAM Memory, Switch Power Supply 
  Micro BGA RF Design Micro Vias Backplane 
  Signal Integrity Analysis/Power Integrity/EMC Analysis 
  Impedance controlled & layer stack up considerations
  Differential/balanced pairs & bus routing
  Full manufacturing date generation 



  As we fully understand the factors that effect the circuit board manufacturing and assembly, so always pay much attention to the board material selection and stack up. Especially with full consideration in dealing with other important factors such as signal and impedance, so that the boards fabrication can go smoothly, not effect the board performance, so that they can get into market as your schedule. 

  Rich experience in PCB fabrication allows us to implement the optimum layout techniques and best practices, first time, to a variety of board technologies. From RF to high-speed digital boards, our engineer's work directly with our customers through the various stages of placement and routing to ensure all the requirements of the design are fully understood and implemented.

  Our Altium PCB design service includes full consideration for signal integrity (SI) ,PI(power integrity) , EMC and mechanical constraints with 3D models for mechanical checking. We generate a full data pack for production engineering, including Gerber data, drill drawings, assembly drawings.

  Prompt lead time with reasonable cost, usually the layout time for 2 layers is 3-4 working days, 4 and 6 layer is one week after creating the parts library and get the clear routing guide line from customer.