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Metal Core PCB

General information on AL PCB

Aluminum substrate is metal base copper clad laminate with good heat dissipation function, generally it consists of three layers, respectively is circuit layer (copper), insulating layer and the metal substrate. Some aluminum PCB is designed for the high heat dissipation products as two layer, thus the board construction will be circuit layer(copper),insulation layer, aluminum substrate, insulation layer and copper. More layer will be combined with single or double sided boards. Normally, one to two layer are popular in the led field. Because the LED Heat radiation is heavy, aluminum base can conduct heat fast.

AL PCB Work Principle
The heat from the working components soldered on the circuit layer will be conducted to metal core by insulation layer, then dismiss out, lowering the parts temperature to extend the board life. 

  Aluminum copper clad base is one metal core PCB base consisting of three layers, copper, insulation layer and metal layer for heat radiation.

  Dielectric Layer: core technology of the metal core base with low thermal resistance, by which Cooper layer and circuit layers are bonded.Main material is Epoxy resin or Ceramic filler and thickness is from 0.003" to 0.006". 

  Base Layer:3 type is aluminum substrate, copper base and iron base. Considering the technology and cost, Aluminum plate is the ideal choice, the normal item is 6061,5052,1060. While copper, steel and iron base can be used for higher heat radiation requirement on the finished product. 

Features and Advantage
Aluminum substrate (metal core base such as aluminum base, copper base,and Iron base) has better heat conductivity, Electrical insulation performance and Mechanical processing performance. And it can bear higher current and voltage with the same line width, gap and board thickness compare the FR4 material. Its thermal conductivity can rank up 2.0 with the Breakdown voltage 4500V, among them Aluminum base is the most popular.  

  Easy for surface mount technology 

  Thermal diffusion is very effective in circuit design 

  Reduce operating temperature, improve product power density and reliability to extend the product life

  Narrow product volume, lower hardware and assembly costse.Replacing the fragile ceramic substrate to obtain better mechanical endurance

Material: Aluminum base, copper base, iron base 
Surface finish: HASL,ENIG, OSP, Plated Tin, Plated silver, Immersion Tin
Surface finish thickness: Ni 4-6um, Au:0.04-0.5um

Layer count: single and double sided 
Board thickness:0.3-3.0mm
Copper weight: Hoz to 3oz
Maximum size: 1200*480mm
Minimum size:5*5mm

Min track width/gap: 0.1/0.1mm
Hole copper weight:15-25um
Hole position tolerance:+/-0.076mm
Min hole size:0.6mm
Minimum punching hole size: 1.0mm

Silkscreen tolerance:+/-0.1mm
Min solder mask window:0.1mm
Min legend width:0.1mm
Outline tolerance:+/-0.1mm
Wrap and twist:≤0.5%

Application of MCPCB

LED lights
High-current LED, Spotlight, high-current PCB
Industrial power equipment
High-power transistors, transistor arrays, push-pull or totem pole output circuit (to tem pole), solid-state relay, pulse motor driver, the engine Computing amplifiers (Operational amplifier for serro-motor), pole-changing device (Inverter)
Firing implement, power regulator, exchange converters, power controllers, variable optical system
Voltage regulator series, switching regulator, DC-DC converters
Input - output amplifier, balanced amplifier, pre-shield amplifier, audio amplifier, power amplifier 
Printer driver, large electronic display substrate, thermal print head